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Oral-Motor Mirrors 4-Pack
• 61/2" x 4" mirror
• Hand-held mirror
Oral-Motor Mirrors (4-pack)
    puff rig
  Animal Foam Mirrors
Lightweight & • Lightweight foam
Easy to Hold!
• Plastic mirror is 31⁄2" wide.
Animal Foam Mirrors (4-pack)
MagneTalk® Oral-Motor Exercises
PreK and Up
by Sharon G. Webber
• One 14" x 18" sturdy, magnetic board • 15 vinyl, magnetic tiles (23/8" x 25/8")
• 18 Banana reinforcement tiles (21/2") • One Monkey Mirror (53/4" x 31/2")
• Game ideas and storage tote #SAS-133...........................$29.95
Oral-Motor Exercises MagneTalk ® Game
Extra Oral-Motor Mirrors (4 pack)
ngue over
          FREE Handy Handouts on Oral-Motor Issues
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cheek puff right tongue side to side tongue over top lip
   ht tongue side to side cheek puff right
   tonguecside to side ton
gue over top lip e
ek puff right
  ue over top lip
tongue side to side
 Great mirrors for therapy
I’ve been using these mirrors wit
 h my preschoolers all the way up to 5th graders, and
they’re great. They can either be held by the
students or supported on the table. I use them
for students practicing emotions as well as speech sounds.
by Sarah S., Pittsburg, CA
  Kids love it!
A great way to make oral motor exercises exciting and fun. My clients love the monkeys and can play again and again!
 by N.B., Brooklyn,NY

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