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Oral-Motor Mirrors 4-Pack
• 61/2" x 4" mirror
• Hand-held mirror
Oral-Motor Mirrors (4-pack)
  cheek puff right tongue side to side tongue over top lip
           Great mirrors for therapy
I’ve been using these mirrors wit
 h my preschoolers all the way up to 5th graders, and
they’re great. They can either be held by the
students or supported on the table. I use them
for students practicing emotions as well as speech sounds.
by Sarah S., Pittsburg, CA
puff rig
ht tongue side to side cheek puff right
tongue side to side tong tongue over top lip
cheek puff right
ue over top lip
tongue side to side to
   Animal Foam Mirrors
Lightweight & • Lightweight foam
Easy to Hold!
MagneTalk® Oral-Motor Exercises
PreK and Up
by Sharon G. Webber
• One 14" x 18" sturdy, magnetic board • 15 vinyl, magnetic tiles (23/8" x 25/8")
• 18 Banana reinforcement tiles (2 /2")
• One Monkey Mirror (53/4" x 31/2") • Game ideas and storage tote
Oral-Motor Exercises MagneTalk ® Game
Extra Oral-Motor Mirrors (4 pack)
• Plastic mirror is 31⁄2" wide.
Animal Foam Mirrors (4-pack)
ngue over
           Kids love it!
A great way to make oral motor exercises exciting and fun. My clients love the monkeys and can play again and again!
 by N.B., Brooklyn,NY
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