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• Easy-to-hold card size! 21⁄2" x 31⁄2" • Color-codingandnumberingfor
easy sorting
• Content and Game Idea Cards
• 45 Bonus Reptile Reinforcers® (dinosaurs and lizards)
Webber ® Vocalic R Photo Cards with Reptile Reinforcers®
Grades PreK and Up
Photography by Sharon G. Webber
Each deck has 28 pairs of sounds in initial/medial/final positions.
Deck 1 ER Deck 3 AR
Deck 2 OR Deck 4 AIR, EAR, IRE Deck 5 Prevocalic R (initial only)
  Great Word Selection
A lot of the other
vocalic R materials
out there are more difficult words and not very appropriate for the grade school population. These Webber cards have a great word selection for the elementary age children. The dinosaurs and lizards are a huge hit as well.
Madison J., Jefferson, GA
 Prevocalic R Sound
pair read
AIR, EAR, IRE Sounds
2A 24A 8A 16A 5A 10A
artist car bird lizard orange juice fork
             AR Sound ER Sound
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OR Sound

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