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 OT/PT Sensory Integration
  Ages 4 and Up
Improve handwriting legibility, decrease eye and muscle fatigue, and stay organized with the new two-in-one Webber ® Slant Board and Binder.
• Sturdywritingsurfacewithremovablefoamsupportblock
• Magnet-receptive writing surface (111⁄4" x 111⁄4")
• 3" wide and holds 600 sheets of paper
• Two interior pockets and pencil bag
• Magnetic paper holder fully encased in plastic
• Velcro® flap holds binder at proper 20 degree angle
Webber ® Slant Board and Binder
Magnetic Holder
Theo the Therapy Dog
Ages 3 and Up
• Unique textures on paw-pads, beads, eyes, and nose for tactile exploration
• 2.5 pounds, for deep pressure stimulation
• Hot/cold pack in tummy can be removed, then heated or chilled
• Ceramic beads in the hot/cold pack emit a gentle lavender aroma
Theo the Therapy Dog
OTisTM Weighted Neck Wrap
Ages 4 and Up
• OTis helps students self-regulate as he sits snugly on their shoulders
or laps • VelcroTM paws keep him in place
• 21⁄2 pounds • Soft, velvety materials with furry, plush accents
• Spot clean only • Safe plastic pellets (polyethylene)
• 36" x 6"
#OTS-865..$49.95 OTisTM Weighted
Neck Wrap
Do Not Heat
Sensory Discs (Set of 5)
Tactile & Visual Sensations in the Palm of your Hand!
Grades PreK and Up Ages 3 and Up
Sensory Playtivity Sensory Discs (Set of 5)
Actual Size 5" round
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