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                Moveable jaw and tongue
Realistic teeth, mouth, and alveolar ridge
Insert hand for easy manipulation
Toothbrush included!
Jumbo Mighty Mouth® All Ages
• Perfect tool for teaching the anatomy of
the mouth, oral hygiene, or placement of the articulators for producing speech sounds.
• Latex free
• Hard plastic teeth, lips, and gums
• Soft velvet-like cloth tongue for easy manipulation
• 7" toothbrush
• Teaching instructions
• Fun facts about the lips, teeth, and tongue
Jumbo Mighty Mouth® Hand Puppet
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Mighty Mouth is a hit!
My speech students absolutely
love looking at the Mighty
Mouth! They are both
entertained and educated when I utilize the puppet to demonstrate lingual placement for some of their target sounds. In addition to the Mighty Mouth being helpful in providing strong visual motor cue, the kids just really find it to be hilarious to look at... double win! I have not utilized the Mighty Mouth during language tasks but am envisioning using it as a puppet to tell a silly story or ask questions of the kids. I’m sure the Mighty Mouth will hold their attention better than mine!
Lindsey B., Petal, MS

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