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                         Online Learning
      HearBuilder is the only researched-based method that teaches these four fundamental skills in one online comprehensive program.
• Following Directions with Basic Concepts
• Phonological Awareness Sound Awareness for Reading
• Auditory Memory
Strategic Memory Training for Listening
• Sequencing 2-6 Step Sequences
Annual Subscription
I found this at the end of last year and I knew I would
have it for this school year. It has something for
everyone on my caseload. The variety of activities is
great. It’s been a real time saver for me. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s on the fence about subscribing. It’s definitely worth the price.
Deloris W., South Carolina
          How are your young students’ listening, comprehension, and
memory skills?
Are they falling behind in developing their basic learning skills during this
time of virtual learning?
Super Duper® Digital Library
• Thousands of Resources
• Fun Decks
• Bingo & Lotto
• Chipper Chat & Board Games
• Activity Sheets
                   • Motivators
• Stickers & Awards
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SAVE 33% $199.95
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