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Super Duper® Treasure Chest
Over 225 Prizes!
• Assortment may vary
• Over 225 mazes, puzzles, activity books, bouncing balls, whistles, bracelets, yo-yos, and more!
• Big 121/2" x 53/4" x 81/2" Treasure Chest
Super Duper® Treasure Chest
Super Duper Prize Bucket p. 158
        Love Them!
The Token Towers
are wonderful! My
students love them!
They are always wanting to track their progress with the Token Towers and want to know what goal I will set for them that day. They love to compete against each other to see who can earn the most tokens for saying correct sounds, answering the most questions correctly or forming great sentences! A truly great motivator!
Jill D., Naples, FL
     Token Tower®
Grades PreK & Up, Ages 3 & Up
• Help students meet behavioral and academic goals
• Students set their goals using the colored ring and insert tokens as reinforcement for appropriate behaviors or correct responses
• 4 Towers (61⁄2")
• 140 Tokens (11⁄2")
• Instructions
Token Tower®
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