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 Head Start
+ Head Start
Super Duper Publications wholeheartedly supports Head Start in its mission to help low income and vulnerable children succeed in life.
We are inspired by the efforts of all those in the Head Start community who make the lives of young ones, as well as their parents, families, friends, caregivers, and teachers, worthwhile and meaningful.
Started by Sharon and Thomas Webber in 1986, Super Duper has for 35 years created fun, hands-on and virtual- learning games, card decks, and activities to help children develop their talents to the fullest.
Professional educators create and oversee the development of every item we make. Our materials are colorful, playful, and entertaining — just right for the young and young at heart.
Below you will find some suggested topic categories to help you find educational toys and games that will benefit your children as they grow and learn.
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   Aligned to Head Start Standards
 Hands-On Playsets
p. 94
Movement & Learning
Early Magnetic Games
pp. 96-98
Early Fun Decks®
pp. 102, 103, 123, 191, 272
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Learning Games
pp. 126-138
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