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                                                                        For Basic Concept and Vocabulary Comprehension see the Processing Programs on p. 57.
Grammar & Syntax
The Grammar Processing Program
  Grades PreK & Up
by Sandra McKinnis, M.A., CCC-SLP
Grammar Processing Program is a set of picture-identification tasks designed to improve language comprehension and processing skills.
• First section of tasks pre-teach noun, verb, pronoun, adjective, prepositional, and adverb concepts.
• Second section combines words into longer, more complex sentences for concept drilling.
• Program uses the same language framework and technique described in the Processing Program, also by Sandra McKinnis.
Excellent Resource
A great resource for kids of
all levels. Starts at the basic
level of receptive grammar
but gets increasingly more difficult. Have been using this program for about a month but have already been able to measure growth in all of my students. A great purchase for any school based SLP!
Dana S., Southington, CT
Seven Grammatical Areas:
• Nouns (singular, plural, possessive)
• Pronouns (subjective, possessive)
• Verbs (present progressive, third-person singular and plural, regular and irregular past tense, future tense)
• Adjectives (size, color, spotted/striped, comparative, same/different, quantitative)
• Negative(not)
• Prepositions(in,on,over,under,beside,above,
below, behind, in front of, on top of, off) • Conjunctions (and, but, while)
• 353 pages • Spiral bound, 81⁄2" x 11" #TPX-27704..................................$99.98
The Grammar Processing Program
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