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 Grammar & Syntax
 Handy Tool
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RTI Program
 Language LAB®
Response to Intervention (RTI) Program
for Teaching Grammar, Vocabulary, and Storytelling
Grades K–4
by Dr. JoAnn Wiechmann, CCC-SLP; Dr. Judy Rudebusch, CCC-SLP; and Nancy Kuhles, M.S., CCC-SLP
Language LABTM is a Response to Intervention (RTI) program for elementary school students (grades K–4) whose English language abilities fall below grade-level standards. This 15-hour (60 or 90 minutes per week), evidence-based program provides Tier II or Tier III language intervention for groups of 2–4 students. Please visit our website for complete details!
Language LAB
• Resource Guide
• Homework Connections Workbook • Skill Drill Workbook
• Five Language LAB Station Signs
• 120 Talk Aloud Cards
• Six Listen and Learn Audio CDs
• 90 Story Station Cards
• Three Language Screener Cards
Language LAB®
  I really like the set
up and ease of the
program. I was
looking for an easy way to help myself and teachers before kids have to get tested and this program checked all the boxes.
Denise, Warren, MI

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