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   Grammar & Syntax
  Pronoun Parade
Fun Deck®
Grades K–5
by Sharon G. Webber
Josie has a dog. Who has a dog?
• Learn the correct use of he,
she, and they
• 54 question/answer cards
• 21⁄2" x 31⁄2"
Pronoun Parade Fun Deck®
120 Pronoun Fill-In Sentence Cards
Super Fun Deck®
Grades 1-8
by Molly DeShong,
Julie Daymut, and Clint Johnson
• Subjective, Possessive, Objective, and Reflexive Pronouns
• Game ideas and answer key
• 120 cards, 3" x 4"
120 Pronoun Fill-In Sentence Fun Deck®
Pronoun Party® Board Games
Grades K–5
by Monica Gustafson, Molly DeShong, and Thomas Webber
Help your students learn with
• Personal, Possessive, and Reflexive Pronouns
• Eight different party themes!
• Pizza, Skating, Pool, Birthday, Zoo, Beach, Classroom, Costume
• 8 laminated game boards (four 11" x 17" double-sided)
• 16 Pronoun Pals with stands, 6 pawns, and die
• 192 illustrated object/verb party cards and instruction booklet
Pronoun Party® Games
                     Great Product!
I purchased this game to address the “mine”, “my”,
and “your” pronouns in particular, because it was hard
to get these addressed through other therapeutic
activities. This game does that and more. I use it to address all pronouns (personal, possessive, etc.) and the kids I work with love it (ages 4-16, variety of diagnosis)! This game is the perfect addition to my therapy supplies and will get a lot of use!
  Meg P., New Haven, CT
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