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             Grammar & Syntax
 Can’t get enough of this game!
  Grammar Gumballs® Game
Grades PreK and Up
by Kris Foley Scheller and Michelle Hinkle Ostrow
As students answer questions, they spin the spinner and take gumballs from the machine. Student with the most Gumball Tokens wins!
Grammar Gumballs®
• 91/2" x 133/4"
• 100 Gumball Foam Tokens
• 180 Illustrated Grammar Cards 3" x 4"
• Verbs, Pronouns, Nouns, and more!
• 64-page Reproducible Lessons and Activities (81⁄2" x 11")
    Listen: Identify: Express: Correct: Describe:
Irregular Past Tense Verbs
Teacher - Red Student - Blue Point to the dog and say, “The dog swims.”
Point to the man and say, “The man swam.”
Say, “Point to, ‘The dog swims.’” Student points. Say, “Point to, ‘The man swam.’” Student points.
Point to the dog and say, “The dog ____.” Student says, “Swims.” Point to the man and say, “The man ____.” Student says, “Swam.”
Point to the man and say, “The man swims.” Student says, “The man swam.”
Say, “Tell me about this picture.” Student talks about the picture.
Card Size 3"x 4"
 Sample Card
Sample Questions
                  Grammar Gumballs® 2 Add-On Lessons and Activities
Grades PreK–3
• 900 added reproducible prompts
• 64 pages, 81⁄2" x 11"
• Adjectives, adverbs, and more!
Grammar Gumballs® 2
Includes game and Add-On Lesson Book
Grammar Gumballs Combo
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 Our entire Speech Department is ga-ga over
Grammar Gumballs! We love its versatility, pictures
and aesthetics and so do the kids! We had to actually
make up a schedule for using it in therapy so that two of the therapists don’t plan for it at the same time! Best product we’ve ordered...and we’ve ordered a lot of Super Duper materials! We’ll be getting a second game this year! Thanks!
Kim L., Gainesville, NY

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