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 Grammar & Syntax
   Pronouns in Action Cards
Grades K and Up
by Sharon G. Webber and Erica Zollman
• 120 vibrant photo cards
• Practice using subjective third-person
pronouns (he, she, they) and verbs
• Targets 40 everyday verbs
• Each verb is on three separate cards, with a different subjective pronoun (he, she, they) to give students multiple opportunities to practice using pronouns and verbs across several contexts.
• 120, 4" x 6" cards
• Color coded
• Instruction Booklet • Boxed
Webber® Photo Cards Pronouns in Action
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Versatile product!
I love these cards! I really like
the fact that the pictures are photographs, not drawings,
and that each picture in the set of 3 shows the verb depicted in a different way. You can use them to work on subjective and possessive pronouns, is/are, has/have, was/ were as well as regular and irregular past tense verbs. They are nicely organized as well, so cards are easy to find.
Julie M., Caldwell, ID

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