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   Any Target!
This package of game boards is fantastic for
adapting to any target. The illustrations are
colorful, fun and can generate conversation about
different seasons and traditions. All my students beg to write on the game board, which encourages their meaningful connection between spoken and written language and appears to enhance their acquisition of the target! This is a great product.
Annaliese B., Portland, OR
Holiday & Seasonal Gameboards
20 Open-Ended Laminated Games
Grades PreK–6
by Sharon G. Webber
• Write-on/wet-erase boards • 20 Holiday and Seasonal scenes (10 laminated boards, double-sided) 11" x 17"
• Write-on/wet-erase pen • 6 pawns and die • Snap-lock storage bag
Holiday & Seasonal Gameboards
20 Games!
Lids ’n Lizards® Magnetic Photo
Vocabulary Game
Grades PreK–5
Created by Kathren Epps and Sharon G. Webber
• Leaping Lizards! Place a photo magnet under each lid and let the flipping begin
• Students name the photo object on the magnet and identify the category for each one
• Hide the colorful lizards under the lids
• First student to uncover the most lizards is the winner 50 photo-word magnets (11⁄2" diameter)
   • Animals
• Clothing
• Food
• Transportation
• Around the Home
• 12 lizards
• 20 tin lids (3" diameter) • 10 magnets per category
Lids ‘n Lizards®
Extra Lids (20)
The Lids Stack!
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