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 Am I
an animal?
“Ask and Answer®” Question Game!
       Jeepers Peepers® Ask and Answer Game
Grades K and Up
Created by Sharon G. Webber
Am I a monkey? a hamburger? an astronaut? How many questions will it take to find out?
That’s the question on everyone’s mind—or glasses—in Jeepers Peepers®. Place a photo card in the Peepers slot without showing it to the student. Have the student face the other players and ask yes/no questions to find out what he/she is!
• 101 photo cards (4" x 5") • Bingo chips
• 6 pairs of glasses • Spinner • Instructions
#JP-350.....$39.95 #JP-600......$11.95
      Jeepers Peepers® Add-On Cards
Expand Game Fun!
• 101 Cards, 4" x 5”
Jeepers Peepers® Add-On Cards
Note: Add-On Cards do not include glasses, spinner, or chips.
An all-inclusive language game!
This game works on so
many language skills and
the best part is that the kids have no
idea they are ‘working!’ From phrasing questions appropriately (expressive), to understanding and interpreting responses (receptive) to reading body language (social), to inferencing and predicting (higher level language skills), this game does it all and the kids couldn’t have more fun doing it! It can be played one-on-one or with multiple students at a time.
Katie M., Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Jeepers Peepers®
Extra Glasses (Set of 6)
  Jeepers Peepers®
Party Pack Combo Game, Add-On Cards, & 6 Extra Glasses
#JP-10............ ..$71.85
Jeepers Peepers® Party Pack Combo
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