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o t aM
o h m
i s e
h F c
r b s Grades PreK–6
by Sharon G. Webber
• 29 pairs of 37/8" x 23/4" soft foam, colorful, magnetized photo-fish (58 in all)
• 2 extra “Catch of the Day” fish • Instructions/game Ideas
Photo FishTM Verbs Kit
Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
Extra Fish Pond
30 Blank Magnetic Fish
• 30 blank foam magnetic fish (37/8" x 23⁄4")
• Colors may vary • 30 blank labels
to personalize • Free pen
#BLF-30.........$22.95 30 Blank Fish
Tall Tales Imagination Game
All Ages
What happens when a unicorn and a cow find themselves on a deserted island? Players draw a random story card and begin weaving their best tale using the 3-D game pieces.
Tall Tales Game
Gooey Louie® Game
Fine motor skills
NEW & Hand-eye Coordination
Ages 4 and Up; Grades PreK-Up
Build fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination with this open-ended “gooey” game. Children pull a gooey out of Louie’s nose – but watch out – pull the wrong gooey and Louie’s eyes will pop and his brains fly out..
         • Gooey Louie
• Jumping brain
• Base
• 12 Gooeys (Boogers)
• Die
• Instructions
Gooey Louie® Game
What’s in Ned’s Head?TM Language Game
Grades PreK and Up
More Silly Games pp. 93 & 95
           What’s in Ned’s Head?TM Who knows? Reach in and find out! Perfect for children who need help with describing, storytelling, and matching skills.
        • Plush Ned’s Head
• 15 kooky objects
• Game cards (with 9 blank cards so you can add your own silly items), 21⁄4" x 31⁄2"
What’s in Ned’s Head?TM Game
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