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     The original “flying chip” fun game! Choose your teaching topics; players earn chips by making correct responses. After filling a game board with chips, the fun begins as the players move the magnetic wand over them and watch the chips “fly!”
40 Game Boards
Best First Purchase
This is seriously one of the best and most versatile purchases I’ve ever made. It was one of my first purchases (with my own money no less) when
I started in schools, but it was a lifesaver! It works well with groups, any stimulus items (forever flexible), has few rules or opportunities to get upset about “cheating” (so easy and motivating to play for my no-board-game kiddos), and I don’t think
I’ve ever had a child not enjoy playing it... and it has lasted me 13 years so far! And I also get to introduce a plus for me!
  J.H., WA
 Chipper Chat® Original
Magnetic Chip Game
Grades K–6
by Nancy Crist and Rose Sheedy
• 40 laminated, individual game boards
(10 different games with four boards per game)
• All boards 6" x 9", double-sided and laminated!
• Magnetic wand and 100 magnetic chips
• Instruction booklet • Boxed
Chipper Chat—Original
Extra Magnetic Wands (2-pack)
100 Extra Magnetic Chips
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