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 Fun Decks® Story Skills
  My pet monkey loves to eat bananas. When I give him a banana, he jumps up and down. He peels the banana with his toes. Then...
What will happen next?
A My pet monkey eats the banana that he peeled with his toes.
B My pet monkey slips on the banana’s peel.
C I eat the banana.
A time saver!
What a time saver!
Interesting stories
at the tip of your
fingers that the students enjoy while they practice and learn story prediction
Deborah R, Sharpsburg, GA.
  Why Do You Wrinkle in the Bathtub?
When you soak in a bathtub, your skin absorbs water. Your outer skin, called the epidermis, is thicker on your hands and feet than it is on the rest of you. The water gets trapped between the epidermis and the underneath layer of skin (the dermis), causing the skin to stretch and “wrinkle.”
  A float
B sore on the skin C take in or suck up
 Foods With a Cure
Many foods have health benefits for humans. Lemonade is supposed to cure hiccups. Licorice is an old remedy for coughs and _________. Parsley is a natural breath freshener, and strawberries are said to whiten teeth.
A indigestion B blond hair C candy
   Great for targeting vocabulary!
I love using this
with my 7th
graders. It’s great for targeting vocabulary. This is one of my favorites and my students love it too.
Jazmin P., Cal.
   Story Prediction
Fun Deck® with Secret Decoder
Grades 1 and Up by Audrey Prince
• Students listen to or read a story and choose the answer that makes the most sense for the story ending.
• Self-check answers with the Secret Decoder.
• 56 cards, 3" x 4" #FD-87..............$32.95
Story Prediction Fun Deck®
          120 Cards!
Context Clues in Stories
Super Fun Deck® with Secret Decoder
Grades 3–8
by Audrey Prince
• As students read, they follow context clues to figure out the meaning of difficult words.
• Students use the Secret Decoder to check their answers, hidden with invisible ink!
• 120 cards, 3" x 4". #FD-95...................$39.95
Context Clues Super Fun Deck®
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