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 Fun Decks® Story Skills
 Level 1
• Level 1 cards are 3–4 sentences long
Level 2
• Level 2 cards are 5–7 sentences long
What is the Main Idea?
Super Fun Deck® with Secret Decoder
Grades 3–8
by Audrey Prince
• Eachcardhasashortnarrativefollowedbythree choices for the main idea of the story.
• Playerlistenstoorreadsthestory,andthen decides which choice best represents the main idea.
• 120cards,3"x4"
Use the Secret Decoder to check the answers.
What is the Main Idea Super Fun Deck®
  Great main idea activity!
Great material for working with main idea!
I love the short stories, making it easy to fit
in quite a few in each session. It’s great that
there are two levels. My students love using
the decoder to find out if they are right! Very motivating and they really get invested. I also appreciate the game suggestions. Keeps things interesting. Enjoying using this easy, kid-friendly main idea game!
Tara H., Huntsville, AL
    Reading for Details in Stories
Super Fun Deck® with Secret Decoder
Grades 2–8
by Clint Johnson, Audrey Prince, & Wendy Ward
• Helpstudentstoidentifyandrememberthe important details in a story.
• 100storiesdividedintothreecolor-codedlevels of difficulty.
• 100cards,4"x7".
• USEtheSecretDecodertochecktheanswers. #FD-97.......................................$39.95
Reading for Details in Stories Super Fun Deck®
     Level 1
Level 2 Level 3
30 stories, 6–8 sentences with a 2nd–3rd grade readability level.
50 stories, 10–12 sentences with a 4th–5th grade readability level.
30 fact-based stories, same length and readability as Level 2.
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