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What’s your favorite way to spend time with your family?
  What is the first thing you do in the morning?
What does “teamwork”
mean to you?
          Fun Decks® Social Skills
All About You, All About Me
Fun Deck®
Grades PreK–5
by Molly DeShong
• 56 cards, 21⁄2" x 31⁄2" • Sturdy Tin
All About You, All About Me Fun Deck®
The Webber®
Pragmatic Playing
with Secret Decoder
Grades 3–12
by Julie Daymut, and Wolfgang Hoelscher
Play games like Crazy Eights and Hearts while learning social skills!
• Four decks target these skill areas: Basic, Peer Interaction, Classroom, Adult Interaction
• 208 cards, 3" x 4"
• Secret Decoder for checking answers
Webber® Pragmatics Playing Cards
                    Webber® Getting to Know You Photo Cards
Fun Deck®
Grades 2 & Up , Ages 7 & Up
Focus On Manners!
Fun Deck®
Grades K and Up by Audrey Prince
• Helps students talk
about different types of behaviors they may see at school, in the community, and at home.
• Each card front has a colorful illustration.
“What is something that you are thankful for?” Sharpen your students’ expressive, comprehension, and social skills with Webber® Photo Cards – Getting to Know You! This deck has 60 photo cards paired with stimulating questions for getting to know someone. Getting to Know You! includes questions about a student’s present, past, and future, along with family questions, affirming questions, and imagination questions. Use the cards one-on-one or share them as a group.
• 60 full-color photo cards, 3" x 5" • Content cards and game ideas
• Sturdy storage tin
Webber Photo Cards – Getting to Know You!
• Card back has a short story plus four follow-up questions. • Stories depict appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.
• 60 cards, 3" x 5"
Focus On Manners Fun Deck®
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