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              Social Inferences
Fun Deck® with Secret Decoder
Grades 2–8
by Audrey Prince
Students listen to/read the story and choose theanswer that represents
a logical inference.
• Section I –How would you describe this person?
• Section II –How does that person feel?
• Section III –What did the person do in the story?
• Super Duper ® Secret Decoder allows students to self-check their answers
• 63 story cards, 4" x 6" #FD-92...............$34.95
Social Inferences Fun Deck®
Photo Feelings
Fun Deck®
All Ages
by Sharon G. Webber
• 28 pairs
• Seven Emotions
Sad Surprised Scared Thoughtful Tired Angry
56 cards, 21⁄2"x 31⁄2"
Photo Feelings Fun Deck®
Fun Decks® Social Skills
Social Inference Fun Deck
I have found so
many ways to
use this deck! Of course, it has been so helpful with my social language kids, but I have also used it to target listening and reading comprehension, and describing skills. And of course, the kids love the secret decoder!
Jessica B., Athens, GA
          Practicing Pragmatics
Fun Deck®
Grades PreK–4
by Sharon G. Webber
• 52 practical cards help students to: • Be polite
• Express feelings
• Requestorgiveinformation
• Stay on topic
• 21⁄2"x 31⁄2" cards in a sturdy tin
Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck®
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