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 Fun Decks® Sequencing
  Important Skill
  Sequencing Events
in Stories
Fun Deck®
Grades 3–8
by Audrey Prince
Target reading comprehension, reasoning, and writing skills using these cards with three levels of difficulty.
On Side A, students mark correct sequence with dry erase markers (4 included). Side B has sentences in order, conversation questions, and answer key. 56 cards, 4" x 7".
Story Retell
Fun Deck®
Grades 2–6
by Dale Ducworth
These stories will improve your students’ listening and reading comprehension skills.
• Level 1 – 2nd–3rd grade readability level
• Level 2 – 4th–5th grade readability level • Illustrations,gameideasandtips
• 60storycards,3"x5"
 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
3 Sentences with a 2nd–3rd grade readability level
4 Sentences with a 4th–5th grade readability level
5 Sentences with a 4th–5th grade readability level
Story Retell Fun Deck®
Level 1
    Sequencing Events in Stories Fun Deck®
Side A
   Side B
 Level 2
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        The ability
to sequence
information is
an enormously
important skill for classroom success as well as a functional life skill. Most language impaired children struggle greatly in this area. These cards break this skill down into an easy to learn format for our kiddos. The Short stories are good for limited therapy time.
Randi S., Gulfport, MS

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