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   All cards come in a sturdy tin and are 21⁄2"x 31⁄2" unless other- wise noted.
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 Zion pulled hot dogs out of his garden.
            Fun Decks® Reasoning Skills
Photo Similarities & Differences
Fun Deck®
Grades PreK & Up
Practice semantic language skills such as identifying, labeling, comparing/contrasting,
and describing.
• 50 double-sided cards, 3" x 4"
• 25 cards targeting similarities
• 25 cards targeting differences
Photo Similarities & Differences Fun Deck®
Imagination Questions
Fun Deck®
GradesPreK&up/Ages4&Up by Sharon G. Webber
• 56 creative thinking cards
• Game ideas, contents cards
Imagination Questions Fun Deck®
That’s Silly!
Fun Deck®
Grades K & up, Ages 5 & up by Sharon G. Webber
• 26 pairs of silly scenes and sentences
• 56 cards
That’s Silly! Fun Deck®
Tell Me HoAll car
  Tell Me Why!
unless o wise no
Grades K–3
by Sharon G. Webber
• Targets reasoning skills
• Card A has the outcome (a broken window), while Card B has the cause/ stimulus (girl hit baseball)
• Students determine how and why the outcome happened
• 26 match-up cards (52 total)
Tell Me How! Tell Me Why! Fun Deck®
Part to Whole
Fun Deck®
Grades PreK–3
by Sharon G. Webber
• 26 pairs • 56 cards
Part to Whole Fun Deck®
Fun Deck®
Grades PreK–4
by Sharon G. Webber
• Develop thinking skills • 52cards,21⁄2"x31⁄2"
How? Fun Deck®
Fun Deck®
Grades PreK–3
by Sharon G. Webber
What belongs to a carpenter? Her hammer, nails, and wood.
• 14 “owners” with three possessions
• 56 cards #FD-15......$12.95
Possessives Fun Deck®
Fun Deck®
come i
sturdy tin are 21⁄2"x
Super Silly!
Photo Cards
“The piglet hatched from the egg.” “When it snows, Lily catches jelly beans on her tongue!” 60 hilarious photos to help your students recognize and correct absurdities.
• 60 full-color photo cards, 3" x 5"
• Content cards and game ideas
• Sturdy storage tin
Webber Photo Cards – Super Silly!
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