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   Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck®
Grades 1 & Up
by Amber Hodgson
• Students complete 224 different sentences by looking at 56 illustrations and finishing four sentences that describe the picture
• Scenes with a Noun, Verb, Adjective, or Adverb
• Each of the cards teaches one part of speech
• Cards 4" x 7"
• Sturdy storage box
• Two levels of play
• Game ideas and content cards
• Complete each sentence using words listed under
the picture
Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck®
Homophones in Sentences Super Fun Deck®
Grades 2 & Up By Erin Riojas
• 85 homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings, like your/you’re)
• 3" x 4"
• Level One teaches
• Level Two allows you to practice with and test your students’ knowledge.
Homophones in Sentences Super Fun Deck®
Fun Decks® Grammar & Syntax
Understanding Sentences Fun Deck® with Secret Decoder
Grades K-6
By Molly DeShong
Make meaningful connections between a sentence /picture.
• Level 1 cards have an illustration with three sentences.
• Level 2 cards have one sentence with three illustrations.
• 60 cards total, 3" x 5" and 4" x 7" • Secret decoder #FD-168........................$24.95
  Understanding Sentences Fun Deck®
   Where has this been all my life?
There may be “an app for
that” but sometimes there
is nothing like having
a physical flashcard. My students with autism and I use these cards with a dry erase marker in hand. They underline each important component of the sentence and we look to pair it with something in the picture through a series of Yes/ No questions to choose the best item. It is great to see the lightbulb go on when they realize that part of the sentence CAN match to the picture, and as a whole it can still be an incorrect choice. There is definitely more than meets the eye with these cards. I’ll be on the look out for “Set 2” when it comes out. Well worth the money.
Gwendolyn M., Pasadena, CA
Level 2
Level 1
   The genie appeared from the lamp.
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